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Thursday, March 02, 2006

“10 Little Known Business Growth Secrets Uncovered”

There are 10 little known business growth secrets that are costing businesses millions of pounds each and every year...Ignore them at your peril!

Why is this so when the fundamentals of growing a business are pretty basic? I’d go as far as to say they’re simple. Yet, isn’t it so true the most simple and basic things in life are the things so often overlooked!

To this end, over the coming weeks I’d like to share with you the 10 closely guarded secrets of business growth. Once learned you’d better take action with them as these nuggets of information provide you with the keys to unlock the door of exponential business growth.

When I say exponential I don’t mean 3 or 4% per year, as after all this is barely better than inflation. By exponential I mean 10, 20, 50 or even 100% or more growth year on year. Now the actual growth you’ll achieve will depend on a number of things, namely:

+ How well you take on board these ideas
+ How committed you are in taking action with these ideas
+ The industry you’re in
+ The quality of your offering
+ And many more factors.

To go into each of these ideas in great detail is not the remit of this article, I’ll save the details for future articles. For now, let’s uncover the 10 closely guarded secrets, so you’re able to benefit from a greater understanding of these ideas. The first one is...

1. Understanding the 4 Key Questions of business growth – which are, how do we:
+ Increase the number of customers? – (This is the area most companies spend their entire time.)
+ Increase the average order value?
+ Increase the average order frequency?
+ Increase our retention of customers?

To find out more about these questions see Royston's contribution below, where he goes into more detail about Q1 - How to increase the number of customers?

He'll also be writing more on the other four questions over the coming week, so watch this space!


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